Face 6: Competition

Most technologies today have dramatically improved the user’s experience by integrating third-party platforms and social media giants such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Pinterest.  This integrations can simplify the user login experience, facilitate the organization of assigned tasks and allow students to share and like particular media. With respect to third-party integration, IXL is no exception.

IXL permits users to sign-in to IXL through their Google account or Facebook.  For classrooms already using the Google Suite or individuals already logged in to Facebook, this feature can significantly reduce frustrations affiliated with students forgetting login information.  

Teachers and parents can also assigned skills through social media or e-mail by clicking on the the Twitter, Google+, email or Facebook icon found on the right side of the practice screen.  Teachers can also assign skills through Google Classroom. With more than 80 million students using G Suite for Education and 30 million teachers and students using Google Classroom, it is not a surprise that IXL has integrated their educational product with this ed-tech giant.

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