Class 20: United Nations and Social Enterprise

“Future” cannot exist without “present,” and there is no reason to live “present” without “future.” The reason why we need both the United Nation and social enterprises lies behind the same sense. They function similarly as they both manage to improve the economic wellbeing of developing countries. Yet, they are not exactly the same since social enterprises provide education to the future generation about a proper business management, while the United Nation is mainly focusing on current issues to be resolved.

The way they approach these issues distinguish the UN and social enterprises. The UN tends to be involved with the problem directly, and suggest solutions that could improve the economic condition right away. Meanwhile, social enterprises pay more attention to the seed rather than the plant itself. The main goal of these organizations is to set up a solid root for the future. According to the source, the activities organized by social enterprises “open up new pathways for the marginalized and disadvantaged, and unlock society’s potential to effect social change.” Such goal applies to every social enterprise, including the Arc, and their aim enables a cultivation of well-educated talents who would lead the economic development of the country in a long-run. Overall, both the UN and social enterprises contribute to the worldwide economic and social development, thus I concluded that the social enterprises are still necessary despite the fact that the UN is fully funded.


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