The “Gravity” Pulling Down Apple


If you have an Iphone in your pocket, take a look at it. Have you ever thought what makes up the fancy technologies we are using? The truth lies behind a veil covering the dark realities of the manufacturer in third-world countries.

The increasing demand for technology devices today enforced numerous companies, including Apple, to supply more product. To reduce the expenses of the mass production, the company must keep the cost as low as possible. In business perspective, it is a reasonable decision since it is inevitable to minimize the expense in order to maximize the profit. Nevertheless, when it comes to human right violation, it becomes a completely different issue. The Apple supplier factory in China raised numbers of ethical concerns as China Labor Watch found some serious wage payment, health, and safety issues, which violates human right regulations. Meanwhile, Apple announced that they would investigate all the concerns to ensure the safe and fair working conditions for workers, yet there is still a long way to go.

Currently, not only Apple, but many other major brands such as Nike are also responsible for the ethical issue around supplier factories in developing nation. As a profit-making company, low expense is a critical factor for success in their business, yet they must provide minimum standard of support to their workers in order to fulfill their responsibility as employers.