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Digital Storytelling Reflection: Take 2

Having used PhotoPeach before I knew that it was a powerful tool for a visual narrative and the story that I was telling had been well documented with lots of project photos. I was also extremely familiar with PhotoPeach using it myself to tell our District’s PD story and as a student tool in my social studies classroo . I knew that that it was easy to use, with drag and drop storyboarding and simple YouTube searches for music, as I had seen students as young as grade four effectively navigate through the PhotoPeach steps. The story of my Ed Tech coordinator position also serves a dual purpose. First, to complete the necessary requirement for this assignment and second to disseminate some information at an administrators meeting next week.

Student access to PhotoPeach is simple. So long as they have a reasonable internet connection and valid email address, which we provide each student in our district, they can use this tool. Student’s love using this tool as it gives them the ultimate control over their story; images, words and music. In particular the ability to use music from YouTube is extremely motivating. In my experience much of their time is spent on this step, finding the music to set the mood for their story. When scaffolding digital storytelling for student’s and teacher’s PhotoPeach is one of the first internet based tools I introduce because of it’s ease of use.