Web Folio Reflection

Web Folio Reflection

The process of creating a Web Folio allowed me to review the past works I have completed throughout the course. This involved multiple proofreading and revising on some of the assignments. By doing so, I was able to apply the overall skills I’ve learned in this course. Since I wasn’t able to fully incorporate the You-Attitude in some of the articles written in the beginning of the course, this was a chance to demonstrate this technique.

Some of the processes in creating the Web Folio seems like a reflection of what many writers do, to continuously improve and edit their work. One thing I learned in the process of creating a Web Folio was the importance of presenting my works. I want to provide potential employers and readers a glimpse of my technical writing skills. Through the Web Folio assignment, hopefully, I can demonstrate effective presentation and communication skills. Finally, incorporating a design that highlights my relevant skills to my career choice was very exciting as I did not anticipate designing a webpage before enrolling in this course.

I hope you enjoyed reading and navigating through my Web Folio. Please let me know how you feel by leaving me a comment in the section below. Thank you!

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