Hi Everyone,

My name is Joanna Yu. I plan to major in Economics in the faculty of Arts. I was drawn to study Economics because it can provide valuable knowledge for making decisions in everyday life, such as questions about financial investments, evaluating benefits and costs of many decisions, etc. Additionally, being an economist can open doors for a better professional career. Economists are well known for advising presidents and governments on economic issues, formulating policies at central banks, and analyzing economic conditions for investment banks, brokerage houses, real estate companies, and other private sector businesses to name a few.

After I graduate, I would like to apply as a financial advisor at a financial institution. A financial advisor is someone who gives financial advice to their clients. In determining an investment portfolio for a client, they must be able to consider a range of information, including economic trends, regulatory changes, and the client’s comfort with risky decisions. I am looking forward in landing this job because I can help my clients become financially better off by monitoring their investments and advising them on potential opportunities or adjusting their financial plans because of their circumstance or market trends have changed.

The online nature of this course appealed to me, especially with the current unprecedented coronavirus situation. More importantly, the topics that this course covers will help develop my business writing skills. Effective business correspondence can help in persuading colleagues or customers effectively because they can clearly understand the message. I look forward to working with my peers and instructor for this course.