Best Work

This page contains selected documents created for ENGL 301 Technical Writing. The documents were edited considering peer review and instructor evaluation.

Definition Assignment: This task required creating three definitions (parenthetical, sentence, and enhanced) of a technical term for a non-technical audience. The term chosen for this assignment is a GIC (guaranteed investment certificate). Within the Canadian financial industry, this is a well-known and understood term.

Definition Assignment: 301 Joanna Yu Revised Definitions Assignment


Complaint Letter: The complaint letter offers a chance to practice the art of persuading an audience to respond in a certain way. I chose to draw upon a negative experience from purchasing a printer at an electronics store. Writing a complaint letter in a professional and respectful manner helps the writer achieve the purpose set out in the letter more effectively.

Complaint Letter: 301 Joanna Yu Revised Complaint and Bad News Letter


Formal Report Proposal: The Formal Report Proposal is intended to investigate, analyze, and offer solutions or suggestions to a problem for improvement. The focus of the proposal was to determine the feasibility of using environmentally friendlier take-out food containers instead of Styrofoam products at Shota Sushi Restaurant.

Formal Report Proposal: 301 Joanna Yu Revised Progress Report with Survey and Interview Questions


Peer Review: The peer review process was an important part of ENGL 301. Reading an article, at least twice, is recommended before writing a review. The purpose of these peer reviews are to give constructive feedbacks using a friendly and respectful tone to my groupmates’ assignments.

Revised Peer Review of the Definition Assignment: Revised Peer Review of Cynthia Li’s Definition Assignment

Revised Peer Review of Application Draft: Revised Peer Review of Zainab Rauf Tramboo’s Application Package Draft

Revised Peer Review of a Formal Report: Revised Peer Review of Cynthia Li’s Formal Report Draft