Unit Two Reflection

Unit 2 required creating a LinkedIn profile, brainstorming and preparing for a Formal Report proposal and outline, and peer reviewing a groupmate’s work. Unit 2 was definitely more challenging than the first unit.

LinkedIn Profile
I never had the chance to join LinkedIn up till now. The assignment was a good reason for me to finally join the platform. It took me some time to fill up the required sections for this assignment. The research assignment concerning best practices for professional networking on LinkedIn was very useful in learning how to make a professional profile for my intended audience. In doing this assignment, I also learned the strengths and weaknesses of my professional profile. While it took me some time to explore the website and get used to the platform, I believe it was well worth it as this may help me land a job. Now that I have a better understanding of how to use the platform, I look forward to using LinkedIn to grow and develop my professional network.

Formal Report Proposal and Outline
I felt that the formal report proposal was the most challenging part for unit 2 because I have never written one prior to this course. Coming up with a topic to report on wasn’t easy and it took me some time to decide on one. Since I have witnessed how Shota Sushi uses Styrofoam take-out containers as a part-time server, I decided to do a feasibility study on how to improve the company’s choice of take-out food containers. This assignment helped give a clearer direction on how to proceed and which areas I should focus on. The textbook was also a very helpful resource by detailing as to what elements are needed and what a feasibility report should contain. In terms of my progress for this assignment, I have submitted a survey questionnaire, two sets of interview questions and report outline. In the next few days, I plan to conduct my interviews and quick surveys while practicing social distancing. I hope that the data I will collect will allow me to start writing a coherent formal report.

Peer Review of My Groupmate’s Proposal
I reviewed Zainab Rauf Tramboo’s proposal for increasing student voter turnout for UBC AMS general elections. As a student, I would like to have the opinions of every fellow student heard. I believe he has a great topic and is certainly a meaningful effort to write and propose a solution in increasing voter turnout. I also learned a couple of things while peer reviewing Zainab’s work. It is important to mention in the proposal why the identified problem is a concern to highlight the importance of the issue to the reader. Second, I also learned that a strong convincing conclusion is very important for a closing. After peer reviewing Zainab’s work, I revisited my peer reviewed assignment to see where I can improve based on what I have learned.

Peer Review Process
I was very excited to read the different topics that my peers chose for their formal reports. I was impressed with the skills my groupmates showed in their peer reviews. Additionally, reading the different peer reviews and reports of my group taught me the importance of knowing your audience because it is a perspective that is different from the writer. Considering multiple perspectives while writing an article can help a writer write more effectively.

Edited Formal Report Proposal: 301 Joanna Yu Revised Formal Report Proposal

Peer review of Joanna Yu’s Formal Report Proposal: https://blogs.ubc.ca/engl301-98a-2020sa/2020/06/22/peer-review-for-joanna-yu-research-proposal/

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