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Many people are wondering if Blackberry has a future in the mobile market due to its strong competitors such as Apple and Samsung. With constant improvements and new attractive models, Blackberry seems to oppressed by these two strong companies. This leaves Blackberry in the trail of dust, falling behind each year. In my opinion, Blackberry will be overrun because of the immense popularity of Apple and Samsung.

First off, Blackberry has missed many opportunities to regain the glory they once had. Before the Samsung Galaxy S3/S4 and the iPhone 5 came out, Blackberry should have seized this chance to release the Z10. This would have meant that the Z10 would be ahead of the game, attracting many of the customers, who are now loyal to Samsung and Apple, towards Blackberry. Currently, the Z10 was released very late after Samsung and Apple had their phones released. Because of this, sales were very poor and scarce. Even though Blackberry is not in debt and has a huge cash flow, it is heading quickly towards debt.

Second, the era of Blackberry seems to be over. Sony Ericsson was in trend 10 years ago but due to the rising popularity of  Blackberry and Apple, it was forced to move out of the way due to trend and customer preference. Just like Sony Ericsson, Blackberry is being run out of town mainly because of Samsung and partially because of Apple.

Unless Blackberry comes up with a product or an idea that promotes itself or makes it unique to its own brand, it will have a very hard time fighting back and keeping u with the demands of the mobile market. It is possible, however, I think that Blackberry will soon be driven out if they do not find someway to bounce back from their losses.


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