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I was interested in what my friend had to write for his blogs and came across a very interesting article about a famous Canadian company, Tim Hortons. Tim Hortons is planning to expand its company over North America, expanding its industry and customer segments. It is about time that the world knows about this Canadian company.

By expanding into North America such as the  United States, Tim Hortons is to be a new competitor in the US industry, causing many US companies to be frustrated. However, this company represents Canadian pride ad helps other countries become more aware of our existence in this industry. However, as compared to companies from the US such as Starbucks, Tim Hortons seems to be lacking in terms of presence as well as technology. Because of this, people might find it hard to accept Tim Hortons’ products and continue to go to Starbucks. Nevertheless, this is a great choice for Tim Hortons towards building a worldwide chain coffee business.

Besides all the things Tim Hortons are lacking, they bring in something that other industries do not have, possibly giving them an advantage over other competitors. They have a wide variety of small bite-sized products such as muffins, donuts, timbits, and scones. Their value proposition is a cheap combination of a drink with a snack. This, alone, attracts many consumers as Starbucks and other companies do not offer this. Best wishes to our Canadian pride, Tim Hortons.

Recently, Canada made a political deal with the European Union that revolves around free trade. Because of this, the Canadian Federal Government believes that this trade could boost annual income as well as bilateral trade. The Canada-EU Trade Agreement (CETA) will have drastic changes to Canadians such as cheaper goods, more Canadian meats (beef, pork, bison), more European cheese, intellectual property rights and drugs, and Provincial/Municipal Contracts. Is this trade truly beneficial?

I personally think that this trade is beneficial to the Canadian economy as it helps increase the production of meat, create new jobs, and reduce prices. Cheaper goods such as foods, wines, and cars will mean that Canadians spend more as they strive to increase their utility maximization. They get more out of their income as purchasing power increases. Canadian meat markets are exposed to other countries, giving them access to markets. Pharmaceuticals are being less restricted and compensated, which helps innovate medicines and cures that go towards improving the health of Canadians. Provincial/Municipal Contracts help create new jobs which is crucial towards improving the economy.

All these benefits help society as a whole, but the effects from this trade can be damaging as well. The markets for beef, pork, and bison are being stimulated at the cost of dairy markets. Receiving imports of European cheese means that the Canadian dairy products will suffer a huge blow in production, as there is an entrance of a competitor. Also, the dairy section is losing its cultural identity as people expect to buy cheese that is made from their homeland and not imported cheese. The Provincial and Municipal contracts are privatizing things such as hydro. This will cause a dilemma as profits become private while losses are spread out, making it unfair and uneven.


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