seoul forest

 I had known about the Seoul Forest 서울숲, but what I didn’t know was that there are deer inside that you can feed – so obviously I had to go!

Billy and I went to Seoul Forest on a Saturday afternoon – you can just take the subway, there’s a station called Seoul Forest, and then you get out from exit 3 and just walk.

The forest is actually fairly large, and it’s suitable for picnics – it would have been nice to have the entire day to walk around!

While we were walking to the deer corral, which is where the deer are, we passed by a ‘small animal house’ so we went over to look and it was full of bunnies ;A;

The deer corral wasn’t too far from there. It was around a 10 minute walk from the entrance of the park.

The deer were actually very pretty, especially the ones with spots on their backs!

You can buy feed from a vending machine for 1000KRW. Then you can just put some in your hand and the deer will just eat it – they all act very hungry, so it’s kind of scary, but they don’t bite. Or at least, they didn’t bite me – they lick the feed from your hand.

Unfortunately for Billy and I it started raining 5 minutes after we started feeding the deer, so they closed it ): I didn’t have an umbrella and I was wearing my Converse with the hole in it so my socks got wet T.T Luckily Billy had an umbrella so we at least made it back to an overpass where we sat until the rain got a bit lighter, and then we went and made our way back to the station to go home.

I really wish that I had had more time to feed the deer and to explore the park more, but at least I got to touch and feed them. If I ever come back to Seoul, I’m definitely going to the forest again – this time on a sunny day!

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