han river

I think going to the Han River is on the list of must-dos for everyone’s list, and I’m really surprised that I didn’t go earlier.

We decided to go to Yeouido Hangang Park to do some bike riding and eat dinner.

There’s a huge I SEOUL U sign there, so we managed to take some pictures around there as well.

Bike riding was really nice – we also got some really good pictures with the view! Kiven doesn’t know how to bike, so he rode a tandem bike with Marcius instead.

For dinner, we ate convenience food and fried chicken deliver – a very standard picnic meal by the Han River!

The convenience stores sell the individual packs of instant noodles as well as the cup ones, and they also have actual burners outside just for you to cook the actual instant noodles. We didn’t know this (because we’re stupid foreigners, heh) and we just added hot water at first… so our first batch of noodles was really tasteless because we added too much water. Also,t he line to get into the convenience store is crazy – it will just keep moving all throughout the store and you have to grab everything as you pass by or else you’ll just miss it.

The grassy area was full of tents with couples inside snuggling – couple culture here is so strong!

I didn’t get the chicken delivery, but Kiven and Yang did and they said it was so stressful because they had to get someone to help, and they kept losing the delivery guy when the chicken finally came.

TL;DR: The Han River is a really nice place to have a picnic and after you experience it, you’ll really realize why everyone likes going to the Han River so much! I’m now back home in Vancouver, but blog posts aren’t done yet since I’m backlogged, and I will keep updating until I think I’ve got everything (:

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