taking a big paw step out

I think this was the most daring (?) thing that I’ve eaten here… more daring to me than the octopus, since I normally refuse to eat this at home but I was pretty open to eating octopus.


I don’t eat internal organs at home. No cow’s stomach, no heart, no liver, no nothing. But intestines, or gopchang (곱창) is something that I’ve seen people eat on a lot of dramas. I really, really had no intention of eating this at all. But I was studying on a Sunday and we were meeting up for dinner, and I was under the impression we were going for Korean barbecue… and they said we were going to a restaurant that had both meat and intestines.

There ended up being only intestines, and I didn’t want to be a party pooper so I just ate it.

I am never going to eat it again for two reasons:

1.It is so expensive

2.It tastes like fat, and is really really oily – I can’t really stand the taste of oil.

We didn’t know it would be that expensive! We all thought it was some cheap thing that Koreans went to eat all the time.. but it was around 13 000 KRW per person, or even more.

We ordered the large intestine, small intestine, and something else, and then they also gave us some heart as service. My favourite was actually the heart, and my least favourite were the actual intestines – they were full of fat, and once you bit into it all this oil just spurted out and ugh it was not a good feeling inside my mouth at all. The other thing we ordered (which I forgot) was quite good too. But all the intestines were quite chewy in general, and my jaw kind of hurt afterwards.

We then went to get Sulbing afterwards (round 2)…

…then we went to karaoke…

…and then we went to have makgeolli (, round 3) during which all of us got really buzzed (makgeolli gives a very good buzz that doesn’t get you drunk – good to know)…

…and then McDonalds (Round 4, which I didn’t eat because it was late)…

…and then we ended up going home at 5am.

I think this was the latest I’d ever stayed out on the street… or it was the first time I stayed out this late, which started a lot of bad habits of staying out/up really late and completely ruining the healthy lifestyle I’d created for myself.

But it’s okay, because I am/was on exchange, and I have no ragrets about anything I did!

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