cookin’ nanta

If you’re going to watch any show in South Korea, definitely watch Cookin’ Nanta – it’s one of the most popular ones around.

And with good reason too! I’d heard of Nanta a long time before coming to South Korea, but it had totally slipped my mind until I saw a discount for the ticket on

I can’t really say anything about the show because spoilers but just know that everyone who went with me, even those who were like ‘sure I’ll go’, came out of the show extremely happy that they came to watch.

It’s very animated, and they include the guests in the show as well. If you’re lucky you might even get a gift from the show!

There are 3 theatres – 1 in Hongdae, 1 in Myungdong, and 1 in Chungjeongno. We went to the Hongdae one since it was closest to us. And, when we arrived, we realized we got given VIP tickets even though we had just bought normal ones!

So this very short blog post is just to say:

1- I watched Cookin’ Nanta.

2- It was very enjoyable.

3- You should watch it too!

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