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What I have learned about myself in Comm299!

2. What you have learned about yourself in class (Comm 299)

Some of the exceedingly important skills I have gained from Comm 299 are self-branding and presentation skills, interview skills and overall, a better sense of my future role in the business sphere. Self-branding and presentation skills come into play when I had to work on my resume and select the most relevant experience. I had to think unconventionally about how I could present myself in a way that makes me stand out from the rest, yet stick to a solid tried-and-tested format. With the mentoring of my TA, I was able to more strategically position myself as a self-motivated Business student. I also learned a lot more about professionalism – how to present myself as a credible, professional individual. As for interview skills, I was daunted by how to perform well in the interview, but after conducting intensive practice with a friend, excelled during the interview. I learnt that I need to focus more on my nonverbal communication skills, as I tend to lose eye contact with the interviewer while I formulate an appropriate response to the question posed. Most importantly, I have a better idea of the kind of business environment, culture and career I am looking to go into in the future. The lectures provide informative and abundant resources and opportunities that really equip me with the knowledge and experience that I need to excel in the corporate world.