New Paper on Trunk Activation during Exoskeleton Walking

In November 2018, Raed published the findings of his Masters which explored the recruitment of trunk musculature by different robotic exoskeletons (Ekso & Lokomat) in individuals with a high thoracic motor-complete SCI. To find which elicited trunk activation, read more here!

Congratulations to authors Raed Alamro, Dr. Amanda Chisholm, Alison Williams, Dr. Mark Carpenter, and Dr. Tania Lam.

New Systematic Review on Recovery of Balance in SCI

Previous master’s student Cynthia Tse published a systematic review in 2018 analyzing the efficacy of task specific rehabilitation interventions in improving sitting and standing balance function in individuals with SCI. This article identified further need for research on training interventions to improve balance control. Find the whole article here.

Congratulations to authors Cynthia Tse, Dr. Amanda Chisholm, Dr. Tania Lam, Dr. Janice Eng, and the SCIRE research team.

New Paper on the Use of Vision for Skilled Walking in SCI

In January 2017, Raza published his Master’s work which explored the role of sensorimotor integration of vision and proprioception in ambulatory individuals with SCI while obstacle crossing. He found that vision was more important for obstacle crossing for ambulatory individuals with SCI compared to able bodied controls, due to proprioceptive deficits. Want to learn more? Read the full article here.

Congratulations to authors Raza Malik, Rachel Cote, and Dr. Tania Lam.

New Case Report on Overground vs Treadmill Based Robotic Gait Training

Our paper “Overground vs treadmill-based robotic gait training to improve seated balance in people with motor-complete spinal cord injury: a case report” is now available in Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation. The article is open access and can found here.

Congratulations to authors Dr Amanda Chisholm, Raed Almaro, Alison Williams and Dr Tania Lam on this exciting publication.