Born and raised in an urban crowd

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hi all, I was born and raised in São Paulo (Brazil). I studied at a small swiss school that felt like my backyard, where I developed as a really outgoing and talkative child, which gave me a hard time to adjust to some of the swiss strict rules of discipline. I grew up around friends that identify themselves as hybrids of culture, often times making evident their passion to the brazilian way in some of the bittersweet goodbyes throughout school. I have long been interested in human geography and environmental issues -even though I definitely don’t have a science directed mind. I moved to Vancouver for my university studies because I searched for more peaceful surroundings that would help me concentrated on my studies. São Paulo, is a lively city with a population of 19million people, a hand-full for someone interested in geography… For some reason I felt this drive to head north and I learned much of how brazilian I am after coming here. My academic interests are in human geography, latin american studies and anthropology. I find Latin American culture and history fascinating, vibrant and diverse. I feel eager to study other LA countries in more depth and plan more travels to come…


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