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What is culture?
After reading the articles for several times, I concluded that the authors were trying to define culture. I used to have my own definition of culture, then I arrived to this class and everything changed. For me, culture was a systematic group of activities and ideas that reflected the achievement of an entire country in a collective way. Now I realized that culture is a very open concept. In the first reading the author said that culture is ordinary; what I understood from this concept is that culture it not only learned in museums or elite teashops, culture is learned everywhere, streets, schools or even in our own houses. Culture right now is changing, the author describes himself from the old society and he mentioned a commercial culture. I think there is no such thing as commercial culture, I don’t even think they’re different types of cultures because now I think that culture is everything that represents you as a part of a country, civilization or society and that gives you a sense of belonging. Moreover I think it is really important to never confuse this new changing modern culture that represent a whole modern society with stereotypes this wrong conception of a nationality or country. I think that the author describes these wrong full conceptions as false equations. Furthermore after being in Canada for one week I have a proof that these boundaries described in the second article that define culture of people are dissolving, It’s impressive how Canada is a collage of different cultures and that’s Canadian culture including of course all the first nations which I found amazing, all the art craft and paintings. I do get a i little confused when the author mentioned the dominant culture and the sub dominant culture, I really think this sub dominant culture will over take the this so call dominant culture and after that it will be only one changing modern culture.
These are my thoughts of the first two readings I have to say that I found the first article really difficult to follow.
I’m looking foward to see you all tomorrow.
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