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Eva Peron’s “My Message” was an amazing essay! I thought it was passionate, insightful, real, and surprisingly easy to follow. She talked about fanaticism for the people and her country and I believe no one could be more fanatic about her people, her country, and most importantly about Peron, then Evita herself. She heralded her husband for being a servant of the people when he didn’t have to, as he was born into the Oligarchy and a life of wealth and status. My perspective of  of Evita’s political ideology is somewhere between communist and liberal socialist, although I would lean toward the latter. She talks about how the people are both entitled and honored by being “workers” and that there shall only be one class of citizens. For the most part, I found this essay to be an interesting read, Evita is an extremely strong woman no doubt, and it shows in her writing. I also really enjoyed her section on religion and agree that “religion should never be an instrument of oppression for the people” (Peron, Pg. 77). Unfortunately we see that religion is far too often the root of oppression for people all across the globe both in the present day and the past. 

On the other end of the spectrum is “A celebration of the monster”, what’s the deal with this article? It’s like trainspotting the essay, just a random, seemingly drug induced assortment of thoughts put together to make sentences. OR…I completely missed some sort of abstract way of describing some type of bus driver, a monster and, a letter to Nelly? Also, I definitely gathered that it was an Argentinian based story but it sure to have many hints of Italian throughout the article as well. Maybe I will figure all this out in class after some people much smarter than me dissect it in great detail. I can only hope because I am left very confused after attempting to read this one.


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