what is the people?

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I will like to start this post quoting one of the most outstanding lines of the paper: ” Fanaticism is the only force that God gave the heart to win its battles”. I feel like the first is very political and how that environment affects people, and she established a difference between the people and the liars, and how they are move just by envy, and also how this people would never be the leaders of the people, because in order to do that they should be fanatics of the people. Also the author feels disappointed and mad about how all people are liars, and she knew about lies, because she was married to a president, but not necessarily because he was a liar, but because of the environment she was involved. She also feels like a responsibility to tell the world about these lies. Even though she felt like she lived in a world of lies, she always admire and respect her husband, and would follow him where ever he would go. Because of the life she was living, she was always surrounded by people that would lie to take advantage of some situations, and because of that her will was been washed away, so that she wont believe in some people anymore. She believes in the people, or what she called the people, because they are truthful, they have heart and ideals. She always stood for the people, and that people is Latin America, being oppressed and exploited by the Imperialist, mainly USA. She wanted que la voz del pueblo fuera escuchada en todo el mundo, dando un grito de lucha por la justicia y libertad! For Peron, people’s happiness comes first, because if people are not happy, then a country can’t be great. I also feel that they use a lot the principle of democratics, the voice of the people, and how the government should really reflect that and be a government of the people, for the people and by the people. Even if it has a valid argument, I feel that after a while the text becomes monotonous and redundant, going over and over again on the same idea: How the people must fight, must not become sell outs, must want to be listened so they wont be opressed and mistreated by “the others”. I don’t really get the second one, it was kind of confusing and couldn’t get the main idea, but I feel that the idea of the people is like any random person, any average joe, the country people, just living an ordinary life, but the characters of the story didn’t seem that ordinary, but still they were not part of the oligarchy.


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