The people

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I find discussions of the people to be very interesting. Across the globe there are wealthy ruling classes which have some level of control over the masses and there is the rest of the people who are subjected to the decisions of the ruling class. The people are, as Peron says, the working class. The same working class who’s jobs are threatened as a result of bad decisions which led to the world’s recession. Peron describes oligarchies as the cowards who lie for money and essentially sell the happiness of their people. She describes the people who have the power to change lives as being indifferent saying “There is nothing we can do.” Peron also condemns the ideology of capitalist imperialism which forces the people into slavery as it proclaims itself as the defender of freedom. According to this ideology capitalism and the decisions made by the ruling class result in diminished choices for the working class. As the world’s economy is struggling there are even fewer opportunities to work out of poverty. Peron’s language is often extreme but this is merely a reaction to the lack of options “the people” are given. When there isn’t room for anything else it should be expected that the masses will turn to an extreme rhetoric of us vs. them. When the opposing class controls the military and police as the instrument of their will it is expected that the masses would follow extreme leaders. Peron doesn’t advocate the murder of the oligarch class but merely their conversion to “the people,… of our class.” When everyone lives off their own work and not someone elses everone will understand the common struggle. Then no one will want to become an exploiter of others. I liked when Peron talks about hunger as the weapon of imperialism. Scarcity is the means of dividing people across the globe. The working class is forced to compete for low paying jobs instead of the forces which exploit them. Scarcity is seen as a necessity for the capitalist system but this is yet to be determined.


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