Popular Culture as Folk Culture

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At first I didn’t really understand the point of these articles, but then I began to think about them in terms of my own country, and figured out that a big part of folk culture is important to popular culture.  Although the legends in these articles aren’t necessarily believed 100% by those who tell them, they form their identity… past, present and future.  For example:  In Costa Rica, we have many legends, especially in the country side.  Many people tell these legends (I’m sure not all believe them), however, they tell them as a way to come together, to teach lessons that otherwise would be ignored.  The legend of “La Llorona” is a good example.  This woman lost her baby at the edge of a river and ever since then, she walks near rivers at night crying and and asking for her baby… any child that comes near her, she mistakes for hers and takes them.  I think this is a good example of popular culture as folk culture, because these legends are there… many people know them, and tell them to their children in order to make sure they don’t run off at night.

I think the legends such as Pongo’s Dream and The Legend of the Silent Bell are very important to popular culture because they demonstrate strength from minority groups in those areas.  These stories bring together the community, and gives them power and maybe even happiness by thinking that they defied the powerful, and that may happen well happen again… they have the legends to prove it.
Folk culture is ingrained in popular culture.  Although not many people actually believe the legends they tell, they tell them anyway… demonstrating that even though they are not necessarily true, they are a part of them.


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