Theories of mixture I: MESTIZAJE

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Mixture of cultures has been present since the earliest civilizations, and it seems that the mixture between similar races gives a better and more beneficial effect than the mixture of different races., for example the United States and Argentina are a mix of similar cultures and are two of the most developed nations in our continent, but most of Central America and some South American countries have had side effects due to the shock between the Spanish and the natives and are not fully develop. Spanish people and anthropologist give a lot of credit to the invaders that they have help and bring all Latin America to where they are, maybe it is true, but we can’t prove it, and we don’t know what could have happen if they have never reach American soil. They think that natives didn’t have other choice than to be abused and exploited by them, but as I say before, we will never know what would’ve happen if the Europeans will stay in Europe. There are four main races that are combining to produce every culture in the world, especially in America, these are: Black, Mongol, Indian and White. The author believes that after all these races are fully mixed they will develop a new race, which he calls the fifth race… The cosmic race. He thinks that this race is going to be guided by Christianity and that all cultures will be rooted in European culture and then mold from there.


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