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I really enjoyed these two articles. I often find when reading articles for this class that i doubt myself or feel like I’m not getting what we’re supposed to be getting out of the readings. However I suppose it’s all up to the readers own interpretation…

Anyways, in the article by Vasconcelos I was initially captivated by his seemingly utopian ideas about the 5th race, and the processes in which to get humanity to that point. I did wonder if what I was reading was a story or the writers’ actual opinion. It has fairy tale qualities that made me question what exactly the article was trying to do. After a few pages I became aware of racist undertones, comments that made me check to see what year the article was written. The undertones quickly became stronger and I became aware of a ‘bad taste in my mouth’, if you will. His arguments and statements are so controversial and offending that it is difficult to even begin to break them down. He says on page 32 that, “in a few generations, monstrosities will disappear…uglier stocks will give way to the more handsome.” I just don’t really see how this would work out… Everyone in the world has different views about who or even what “handsome” is. Even people within the same “race” are attracted to different ‘types’. There is no universal ‘Handsome’.

However I do have to add that his idea for a single ‘race’ is “nice” I suppose. I mean he is arguing that everyone gets together “blends” the races, and we can all become one and live happily ever after.. Very nice. I guess what I mean is that at least he’s not calling for total elimination of any race by using violence.

Its all a very lovely idea I guess… except for all the problems with it. It’s idealistic and ultimately wouldn’t work. He continuously contradicts himself with talk of Atlantis and scientists. It seems like he says a lot but doesn’t really have much to back himself up with.

The second reading by Wade was also really interesting explaining the mestizaje as mixture, a mosaic, a patchwork quilt. The word ‘mestizaje’ means mixture. He uses the metaphor of the mosaic throughout. People who are mestizaje are able to identify and express whatever part of their background that they feel they identify with, or that they wish to present.

I really enjoyed both of these articles, and I would like to write more on the second but I must study for my exam tomorrow. I was already late writing this blog because of my exam yesterday! I look forward to discussing these readings further in class on Thursday!



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