“1st half”

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During this past weeks we have learned a lot of Latin American culture. First we study some general concepts of what culture is and how is developed, also which factors affect the most on this development and how culture is formed. We realized that culture is basically ordinary and everything that surrounds us and that there is not a real definition of what it is, but we all have the idea of culture in our heads. Then we start getting a little more involved with latinos with both articles about the people, how they were spoken to and the different perspectives, while Borges was a more “on the surface” article, Peron’s one was more from “above”, even if she always said that she was like the people. But they give a clear idea of who are the people, el pueblo. Then we got a little more into Latin culture and folklore, how they were “created” when the Spanish arrived, and how they have been devoleping in all these years. How we were created from a mixture of different cultures. Also we saw how natives were treated back then and they are sometimes in some places still treated like slaves. We saw also how important are legends and how we create them and inherit them from our ancesters, but they are not written, they are passed by narration from generation to generation. We have seen some of the more general aspects of our culture and in the biggest countries, with the exception of Guatemala, but that is just a scoop of what we latinos really are.


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