Mexico’s Flag Day

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The Independence Movement
The purity of the Catholic faith.
The Spaniards that joined in the quest for Independence.
The blood of the National Heroes

The emblem-shield symbolizes the Aztec heritage.
According to the legend, the gods had advised the Aztecs that the place where they should establish their city was to be identified when they saw an eagle, perched on a prickly pear tree, devouring a serpent. They saw this mythical eagle on a marshy lake that is now the zócalo or main plaza in Mexico City.

This flag was created in 1821, when the Independence movement had ended victoriously.
El Día de la Bandera or the Fiesta of the Mexican Flag is celebrated on February 24.

Pledge of Alliance:

¡Bandera de México!
Legado de nuestros héroes,
símbolo de la unidad
de nuestros padres y nuestros hermanos.
Te prometemos ser siempre fieles
a los principios de libertad y de justicia
que hacen de nuestra patria
la nación independiente, humana y generosa
a la que entregamos nuestra existencia.


Flag of Mexico!
Legacy of our heroes,
symbol of the unity
of our parents and our brothers.
We promise to always be loyal
to the principles of liberty and justice
that make our fatherland
the independent, human and generous nation
to which we give our existence.


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