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Well I’m a tad behind in my blogs as I’ve let them slip a bit but I’m back on it!
So I’m in my last year at UBC and I’ve taken sooo many different courses over the six years I’ve been in school.  I almost have a minor in Asian studies, I’ve taken tons of Anthropology, Sociology and of course Psychology.  Of all the courses I’ve taken so far in my academic career this is one of the most different.  I love the small class size, it makes everything just that more intimate and I can actually speak to the people around me and get their opinions.  This class is one of the only small classes I’ve had at UBC and I like being able to have class discussions about what we’re reading and learning about.
I really enjoy learning about Popular culture in Latin America, it’s so refreshing learning about something you know absolutly nothing about and being able to actually talk about it with intelligent people is an awesome gift.
I’ve enjoyed most of the readings thus far although I have to say there were a couple that I enjoyed more than the rest.  I really enjoyed Eva Peron’s mesage, I thought it was very heartfelt and really gave us another point of view of popular culture.  I also really liked Pongo’s dream, although short, I really thought it had so much to say, in an indirect way.  I really enjoy reading about the history of different practices in Latin America,such as Muralism.  The details about murals in Mexico and other places was interesting in their different meanings conveyed.  Learning about such people as Rivera and Kahlo and what their art represents, it was interesting in terms of popular culture and how it’s defined. and presented to the public.
These readings and the discussions we have in class have really clarified the term popular culture, in Latin America for me.  All these different aspects bring to life a new way of looking at one’s reality.  The merging of political change, high to low culture, popular practices such as murals and public places really are starting to bring Latin America’s popular culture to life.  At the beginning of this course I knew nothing about what we were going to be learning and now I am much more equipped to make an educated statement about what I think Popular culture in Latin America is.


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