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I found that the point of the author about hybridization was hard to get. I must confess that I cannot clearly understand the differences between hybridization, transculturation and syncretism. I found really interesting the first arguments of Calclini about popular culture as a construction of the elite. He explains that there is some clichés about popular culture. He points out that “there is an intrinsic interest on the part of the hegemonic sectors to promote modernity and a fatal destiny on the part of the popular sectors that keeps them rooted in traditions”. Therefore, most of the time, popular culture is considered as something traditional, rural and subaltern. According to him, there is a theatricalization of popular culture based on the folklore, the culture industry and political populism. He points out six refutation of the biased views about popular culture. “Culture have developed by being transformed, (…) peasant and traditional cultures no longer represent the major part of popular culture (…) the popular is not concentrated in objects, the popular is not the monopoly of he popular sectors, the popular is not lived by popular subjects as a melancholic complacency with traditions” Moreover, Canclini stresses the relation between folk culture and the state and how the state use folk culture to attract tourist and control the mass. I think the example of the tourism was really interesting because it shows to what extent the state rework the meaning of popular culture and use folk culture as the base of national identity Finally, I think that Clanclini explain really the theory of hybridization at the end of his article. He explains that there is not an authentic popular culture. He choose the example of the monuments to illustrate his concept of hybridization because “public rites and monumental constructions express the historic impulse of mass movement”. I think that as the way of considering these national images changes, the hybridization implies change. Deterritorialization and Decollecting are two relevant notions to understand hybridization. However, I do not get clearly the meaning of hybridization and I hope the course of today will help me to understand its characteristics.


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