Theories of Mixture: Hybridity III

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This article was somewhat confusing.  However, there is one point that Canclini makes that I agree in part with, but not totally.

Canclini says that the state uses folk culture to attract tourists.  On many levels, I agree with this.  I think that in countries like in Mexico and Brazil, this is more obvious than in others.  But in countries like Costa Rica, where a nation’s identity is still in question (I mean we have beautiful naturre, beaches, great people) what does the government take in order to attract tourists?  This is where I think Canclini generalized his thoughts of states using folk culture because of personal experience.  In Costa Rica, tourists come for nature and having a great time mostly outdoors, but I know that seeing McDonalds, Burger King, international banks and this kind of thing is a definite bonus for travelers.  Sometimes I think we get the amount of tourists that we get because it reminds them so much of home (excepts for a few details), and they feel safe there.  So, in this case, I think the state uses perhaps US mass culture to attract tourists and make Costa Rica a more attractive destination.


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