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I truly did enjoy this class this term. It isnt entirely what I expected, but none the less I am leaving having learned quite a lot. i thought there was good variety in the readings from history to contemporary while covering many regions throughout Latin America. As I have said in blogs before, my experience with Latin America is quite limited besides several months of travel.  I am sure that my experience in the course was quite different from the many people who were from Latin America or had experience in arts courses. I really enjoyed the different learning format and learned a lot from everyone. The themes from each week built on each other quite effectively and having to blog about them really kept us all on top of the readings (well.. for the most part). Although there was some objection before, I thought it was really effective using a more controversial piece of “The Cosmic Race” to grasp global perceptions of what the products of “mixture” were. Following that up with another article and then two more rounds of “theories of mixture” was an interesting way of learning about the history of Latin America in a round about way. With everything we did learn, I thought it was interesting to have such a diverse group of learners contributing to class discussions.


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