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As a Latino I was very curios about this course. I wanted to take it to see how other cultures look at us and what they think. I have to admit that at first it was a little boring, we covered a lot of history about where our culture comes from, but I guess we need to know where we come from to see where we are going, so even if I didn’t like it I assume that we need it to hear it, maybe it was boring for me because I’ve already hear it quite a few times. After a while we started getting into more interesting subjects, like futbol and J.Lo, and honestly that was more what I expected from the course, to discuss more contemporary things. The first couple of classes were interesting too, because I learn things about Canadian culture. I think is always nice to see how people look at your culture from different perspectives, as we saw with both Peron’s readings, and how even if its “popular” culture it may vary with the class level you are in, so its not really popular at the end. Also things differ a lot from the eyes that are seeing it, we saw it I think more explicitly in the Pongo’s Dream where we saw how the little indian guy was abused by the “powerful” spanish guy. We also learned about the theories of mixture and how they have already helped to shape our culture, and finally we saw that our culture is endind. I don’t really think is ending, but at the end over a really long period of time what might happen due to globalization is that al cultures will fuze into one, but so far I feel that the differences are still there, and even if our culture is becoming “more globalize” is still latin and has very strong characteristics.


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