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Hello classmates and professor,
I hope you had a little chuckle after reading my “hilarious” pun/title. But it’s true, last tuesday was our last LAST 201 class and it’s sorta hard to imagine that already its over. I am super happy/excited that MY first year at university is OVER!!!… almost.( I still have exams and a paper to write. ) But it was not like the year was not exciting nor happy, I just enjoy how time keeps moving forward. (means more adventures to take on!)
Anyways, I would like to list some of the things I enjoyed most/ what I will take away with me and suggestions. First I would say that I liked writing blogs. It added a new medium to the class that was new for me. It would have been nice to include a little more of the blogs into the classroom discussions though. I would have liked to each week perhaps to read one of the blogs out loud in class and then discuss about it for a bit. But i know that some people are shy and don’t want people to read their blogs out loud..
Another thing I enjoyed was the second part of the semester in our class. I am super appreciative Jon, that you took the time to listen to our criticisms and tried to incorporate some of our suggestions in the class. The beginning was a bit repetitive in terms of style, but later we had videos and learnt about your trip to Haiti that added a new dynamic to the class. I liked how you incorporated youtube into academia! But one suggestion I have is to have in class presentations instead of writing a review paper. Or we could present our review paper in any form of a presentation because I think that it would be interesting to hear about everybody’s experiences. After all sharing experiences is part of the fabric of culture right? One of the reasons why I wanted to take latin american studies was to meet latinos haha.. but also to meet other people who have travelled to south america or are just interested in the different cultures. So if we could have organized some social event/ field trip that would have been fun!
What I will take away from this class is a broader knowledge on the topic of mixing theories and culture. I didn’t know there was so much debate in the cultural literary world. Doing the final paper was a really good way to tie everything together.

Thanks everybody and hope to see you around!


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