Tuesday Mar 10, 2020: Stoo Sepp

This week’s LAVA session will be led by Stoo Sepp (Manager, Learning Design in the Faculty of Education’s Educational Technology Support team). The focus of the session will be on Interaction Treatments.  Stoo will be providing an overview and leading a discussion on how Learning Analytics and Learning Design theory can be advanced by this idea.

From Stoo:

First proposed in 1989, Interaction Treatments refer to the types of interactions that typically occur in technology-enabled learning environments. Applying this concept to the field of learning analytics, we can extend it to incorporate more contemporary theorizing around types of interactions, while refocusing on the ‘L’ in Learning Analytics. In this session, a brief overview of the concept of Interaction Treatments will be presented, along with types of learning analytics used to inform pedagogical action. Finally we’ll have a discussion about how these concepts relate to instructor intention and the design of learning experiences.