Reframing Student Evaluation of Teaching (SEoT) -Dr. Julie Wei (Jul 7, 2021)

Join us on Wednesday July 07th at 3pm-4pm PST for our next LAVA session held by Dr. Julie Wei form the Faculty of Arts.

Reframing Student Evaluation of Teaching (SEoT): Using Student Comments to Unlock Hidden Themes

From Julie:

Student evaluation of teaching (SEoT) has been implemented for decades by many universities including UBC. This has created and is still creating huge amount of student feedback comments that pour in course and teaching evaluation survey, however this type of data has not been used widely, probably because it is time-consuming to review the unstructured data. In this presentation, Dr. Julie Wei will share a project she initiated and led at the Faculty of Arts by employing both students’ original comments and the explicit suggestions automatically extracted from them by using Natural Language Processing (NLP) approach. This could quickly provide instructors and decision-makers with useful information that could help further identify the areas that need to improve and thus help promote quality teaching and student success in the long run.

These sessions are being held via Zoom. To attend this session, or to be added to our mailing list to receive information about future sessions, please contact Alison Myers (

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