How We Use Canvas APIs – Alison Myers (Oct 6, 2022)

In this week’s LAVA meeting Alison shared how Sauder Learning Services takes advantage of Canvas APIs. Alison is a Research Analyst in the Sauder Learning Services team. The team supports our faculty’s use of technology in their teaching practice. In her role, she attempts to understand what data is available and can be used to inform teaching practices.

From Alison:

In this LAVA talk I will be discussing how my team uses available Canvas APIs for completing routine tasks and extracting data. I will briefly share what we have learned about the differences between REST and GraphQL APIs at a high level (as the technical details are beyond me). I will also share some of the projects that we have used the APIs for, and discuss our approach to the development of these projects from an operations standpoint (how we try to “reduce clicks” and save time), and from a learning analytics standpoint (how to use the data available to inform teaching practices).   

Slides (with links and more info)

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