Registration Glossary

Don’t know what some of the terms on the Course Schedule mean? Sometimes we don’t either! Here are some common words to help you navigate your registration: 

  • Blocked – For LFS courses, this is usually for a reason! Most likely we have blocked registration into this course because it is full and there is a waitlist. Please register for the waitlist. Sometimes, the course requires special approval (e.g. Directed Studies, Career Internship, Undergrad Thesis/Essay, etc.). Please contact LFS Student Services.  
  • Unreleased – the section is not open for registration at this time, but may be opened depending on enrollment demand and/or instructor availability.
  • Cancelled – the section is no longer offered
  • Restricted – only restricted seats exist or remain available. Such restrictions could include year, faculty, program or grade. In some case a portion of the seats are reserved so that students who require this course to complete their program can register. In other cases, an entire course is restricted because students can only take it if they are in a specific program. Please read the Restrictions carefully to see if you meet the requirements.
  • STT -A Standard Timetable (STT) is a pre-planned timetable that incorporates most of the courses required for a program. The Faculty of Land and Food Systems does not use STT. Some courses reserve certain seats for STT students; other students are not permitted to register in these spots.
  • Prerequisite – A prerequisite is a course that the student must have completed prior to registering for the selected course. Course descriptions show prerequisites where applicable.
  • Corequisite – A corequisite is a course that the student must take prior to or concurrently with the selected course. Course descriptions show corequisites where applicable.
  • Waitlist – If all sections of a course that fit your schedule are full, you should register for a waitlist section if one is available. 

For a full glossary, check out the UBC Course Schedule!

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