Volunteer for Let’s Talk Science Teacher Partnership Program


TPP is the core of Let’s Talk Science at UBC and is by far our most popular program for volunteers, teachers and students alike.

As a volunteer you are paired with a teacher in a school and age group that is convenient for you and an age group you would like to work with.  You go into the classroom to present fun, hands-on science activities for the kids!  You can create your own activity, use our  pre-assembled classroom activities (see here: ubclts.com/activities)  or you can contact a coordinator for ideas and help.  Equipment is supplied by us!

If you want you can arrange to visit the classroom with a friend, find a friend at the training sessions to pair with or you can request to be paired with an experienced volunteer (this will be arranged during training).

Project aims

Our aim is to show these kids how fantastic science is. We want to demonstrate that science is much more than just sitting in a lab with a white coat and a pipette and those scientists are awesome people like you!!  (and maybe even encourage them to pursue science themselves after high school!)

Call for volunteers

Who: Undergraduate students, graduate students, postdocs and researchers!

Location: A school convenient for you in Vancouver or beyond!

When: You arrange times and dates with your paired teacher that suit you both.

Volunteer Role:  Present hands-on science activities to your classroom ~ 1 hour in length. Aim for 3 visits this year so that you can get to know the kids and make more of an impact!

Contact: Contact Claire at partnership@ubclts.com if you have any questions or can’t make the dates. See www.ubclts.com/partnership for more details


Full training is provided.  New dates for 2017:

  • 26th January 5.30-7.30pm
  • 8th February 5.30-7.30pm

Sign up for training here: goo.gl/x9lT3m

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