Multiliteracies in ELA Classrooms


Summer 2014 Syllabus[PDF]

Multiliteracies in English Language Arts Classrooms (LLED 368) is a methods course in the Bachelor of Education program at the University of British Columbia. It focuses on the teaching of multiple literacies, media, and modalities of expression and learning practices that accompany these communicative paradigms. Teacher candidates investigate the role of image and imagination in social learning, focusing on the use of embodied, mediated, and hyper-mediated texts and compositions in secondary schools. Placing emphasis on the use of social media in and out of classroom settings, the goal is to develop understanding of the affordances and challenges of integrating new technologies and media of learning and expression in the classroom. New media have enhanced the sharing of information and interests across distances of space, time, generations, and so on. This course aims to assist teacher candidates in creating information rich environments for personal inquiry and learning by engaging with multiliteracies as they will have their own students do. As such, it will enhance not only their English pedagogies, but also provide useful tools for professional sharing and development well beyond the term and program.

Course Objectives

During this course teacher candidates will review, consider, discuss and be able to apply:

  1. ~ Basic theories and models of multiliteracies—as processes of exploration, learning, knowing
  2. ~ The provincial curriculum and various resources to support teaching beyond print media
  3. ~ A well rounded understanding of how to motivate and inspire student writers, including the use of popular culture and multiple forms of representation of knowledge in the classroom
  4. ~ The interdependence of viewing and representing activities
  5. ~ Assessment as inquiry: purposes and tools of multimodal assessment Creating lessons that work with multimedia and multimodal literacies
  6. ~ Creating units that increase variety of teaching resources and provide affordances for multiple learning styles and incorporate new communicative practices
  7. ~ Providing pedagogies that respond to changes in social and cultural means, and needs, of communication

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