STLHE 2003 Workshop

Brian Lamb and I did a workshop together at the Society for Teaching in Higher Education called “Mining Shareable Content from Your Online Course Environment on Jun 11. 2003. Brian put together a set of resources in the form of a Wiki .

Our presentation for that workshop is available
here (900 KB or so). Similar material was used in my presentation for the WebCT Canadian Users conference (see the Jun 21 Posting).

A lot of the ideas for this work started back in January when Brian and I participated in the OLN Institute at Ohio State called “Building and Assessing Shareable Content a conference at Ohio State.

We’ve been asked to comment further on the subject, which we are currently working on. If you want to see some of the comments of the other leaders, visit the web site.

That and more related materials are contained within the web site of the Ohio Learning Network Learning Communities Summit of Wednesday, June 18, 2003.

All pretty cool and exciting to be part of!

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