The E-Strategy Town Hall

In early June we had the annual e-Strategy Town Hall. It’s a site well worth visiting… many of the presentations, including Richard Katz’s keynote are available.

E-Strategy is UBC’s framework for how we use information technology for advancing UBC’s Vision (Trek 2000) and Academic Plan.

I gave a short presentation, “e-Learning Across the Enterprise: Snapshots of the UBC Community”, delivered at a speed just under that of light, on the campus e-learning initiatives. What a fun thing to discuss — so much is going on!

I knew that the communication folks were going to put the presentation (warning , 5 meg or so) online, but … I was not quite tracking that they were going to stream the video. ACK!!!! 30 Seconds — that is MAYBE all I can take. It is always somewhat unsettling to hear one’s voice…. but to see myself as well. SCARY!!

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