Big Hair, Big Homes & Big Deals

Well, here I am in Dallas… and no lie, the hotel brochure dubs Dallas the land of “…big hair, big homes and big deals”. Funny — I have seen quite a few big homes and even bigger highways… but luckily have been spared the big hair…

I’m here to participate in a broadcast called “Putting it all together: creative ideas for using technology in the classroom”.

We’ve been planning this for a couple of months off and on. Never been on TV before… should be entertaining…

I’m looking forward to meeting my two co-panelists. Be fun to actually see people face to face. Funny how that is still the best part of the technology — allows you to contact, get to know and sometimes, meet people in person!

Loads of fun… I’m just a tad (OK loads..) nervous!

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  1. Alan says:

    You’re a star, dahhhhling 😉

    Say hi to Alisa, good luck on the big show.

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