UK Learner Profile work progressing ahead

The CETIS article of Oct 10, “UK Learner Profile components to form core of European standard” points to what I think is going to be a really important document (PDF, 122 KB) for the e-portfolio, and most likely, the course management system space….

With the official acceptance of the CEN/ISSS “Guidelines for the production of learner information standards and specifications” workshop agreement, the first steps have been taken to establish a European standard for the transfer of learner information. The agreement will make it easier for learners of all descriptions to present their educational credentials and achievements to employers and colleges both nationally and at the European level.

Time to pass this along to our Enrolment Services and UBC CV project teams to see how the work compares to our approach to transcripts, etc.

A bit further in the doc they describe the importance of the effort …

The wider significance of the acceptance of the CEN/ISSS agreement is twofold: it contributes pretty directly to the EU’s fundamental freedom of movement of people, and, with the e-portfolio work in IMS, it signals a growing international consensus around the one learner profile data format.

Looks like control of my permanent record is getting closer and closer to my grasp… yee ha!

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