WebCT Vista and SCORM: press release

Just a follow up to the posting of yesterday on WebCT Vista 2.1 and SCORM LMS-RTE3 — WebCT has issued a press release about the certification from Plugfest.

What I found interesting is the teaser about their direction of compliance with SCORM 1.3:

WebCT has conformed to SCORM 1.2, LMS-RTE3 through a new SCORM Module Tool in WebCT Vista. The module tool adds features that support all the mandatory and optional data elements as defined by the SCORM 1.2 standard and for the first time helps transform self-paced content into courses that support instructor-led education. WebCT Vista lets users customize navigation controls for SCORM objects, providing consistent navigation across various SCORM objects. Because WebCT Vista 2.1 has been designed to help provide consistent navigation and delivery control to the designers, WebCT’s support for SCORM 1.2 has in fact realized some of the functionality of the planned SCORM 1.3 standard.

Something to check out at Educause!

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