Blog Weary? NY Times

The New York Times article Blog-Bleary? Try (What Else?) a Blog tackles ways to keep up with high volumes of Blog traffic.

The main purpose of the article seems to to announce a new service — Kinja (which opens tomorrow, I guess…). Kinja will allow you to aggregate blog feeds to produce a “customized blog of blogs“.I’m thinking that’s pretty interesting.. though not on the surface too different from other services…

As of 9:25 PM PST, though, the site was not yet live. Dang… we’re usually behind on this coast!

Back to the article… The author went on to explain the merits of Kinja a bit further, but then lost me somewhat when he lumped Bloglines into the “technically complex” category.

Say what?

In the online version, it was interesting to see who was provided a link to their site and who was not… wonder what controls that?

I did like the concept covered towards the end of the article — the idea that we are seeing a trend of putting more editorial control in the audience’s hands.

Yupp…. we’re more and more mainstream, aren’t we?

I’ll check tomorrow!

Kind of ironic that I found the article by checking my Bloglines account…

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