Nice! Ten Efficient Research Strategies for Distance Learning

After reading “Thirty-two Trends Affecting Distance Education: An Informed Foundation for Strategic Planning LINK” I should have expected to find another excellent article that involves the BYU group… and they did not disappoint…

From the Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration, the article

Ten Efficient Research Strategies for Distance Learning

is a treasure trove, gold mine, Kimberlite pipe even (that’s where diamonds are found)… of information about where to start to learn more about Distance Education.The purpose of the article, co-written by a Librarian and a Distance Learning practitioner (I believe) is…

to identify ten pragmatic research strategies to help new, busy, and even a few experienced distance education administrators stay current in their field and successful in their applied research.

They cover the subjects below:

The ten research strategies that will be covered are accessing library expertise, books from your or others’ library catalogs, academic journals, databases, current awareness services, subscription services, distance education Web portals, associations, listserv/discussions, and use of research assistants.

This is a serious must read, particularly if you are just getting up to speed on the topic.. Heck — even if you think you know a fair bit! What a good list to share with the community.

My thanks to the authors!

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