Been Gone for a While… weblogging and teaching on the (near) horizon!

Like the title says —

I’ve not been posting for a while, though I have a number of postings in the saved segment.. its just been a bit busy lately.. on a number of levels. (Conferences, hiring, WebCT Vista Pilot, family related events…. just a bit nuts!)

You know that feeling when you have not done something in a while, then you have to get back into it.. and its really tough to do? I’m most familiar with that with running.. exercise, etc… looks like weblogging is a similar thing!

Well – -today is the first day in August and I might as well get back on the bicycle.

My weblog may shift a bit in focus… I will be teaching a fully online course this fall. I am finally going to finish developing (yeah, like that ever happens in any course!) EOSC 311 – The Earth and Its Resources (with an emphasis on Vancouver and its Environs).


That’s right — Geology online.

I’m excited about this and somewhat intimidated… having to practice what one preaches is always a good thing — isn’t it?


So if you see a bit more geology here…

don’t be afraid…

Really — it won’t hurt to learn a bit about that!

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