TLT Series – Laura Sederberg & Rubric for Online Instruction

We had our first Teaching and Learning with Technology Seminar for 2005 yesterday. Laura Sederberg, the Manager of the Technology and Learning Program at Cal State Chico talked with us about the subject, “Evaluating Online Instruction”, where she outlined the history behind, and gave an overview of CSU Chico’s Rubric for Online Instruction.

I enjoyed that seminar on a number of levels.

1> Laura is an engaging speaker; her enthusiasm for the subject, her genuine love of working collaboratively with faculty, her concern for those who support faculty and deep experience in this field come blazing though regardless of the delivery mechanism.

2> The content… wow! I am somewhat humbled by what they accomplished. 20 faculty, students, and staff collaboratively getting together and developing an evaluation rubric to apply to online courses – that they agree on! Kudos to them! And to have a formal method of recognizing faculty for their efforts on top of that is also impressive. You can learn about this effort at the following URLs:

3> The delivery mechanism was something new for us. Laura gave the seminar via Horizon Wimba’s Live Classroom. That went really well – despite my own user errors and flaky wireless activity generating form my laptop. That was odd… but then I probably generate a strange electrical field that shorts out most things….

I’m looking forward to playing with that some more.

We’ll be putting up the archive of the session soon, but if you are interested now… Laura gave a talk with one of the faculty members who recieved an award earlier this year in one of Horizon Live’s Desktop Lecture Series.

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