Universal Design Resource

Reported in the eLearnng Gialogue newsletter I receive from Campus Technoology Magazine is Facultyware: An Online Resource on Universal Design for Instruction, a short article that describes a Universal Design for Instruction resource site that has been collaboratively built by faculty Faculty at the University of Connecticut Center on Postsecondary Education and Disability (CPED).

The site collects instructional techniques in use by the Faculty that have undergone a peer review process (ala Merlot).

Faculty from a range of subject disciplines and postsecondary settings are currently incorporating one or several examples of the principles in their instructional techniques. In order to share these inclusive practices, instructional techniques, or “products,” are displayed on the project Web site, www.facultyware.uconn.edu. Each product has undergone a two-step juried review process to ensure that it is reflective of one or more of the nine principles of UDI, and that it is of high quality and usefulness to a broad range of academic disciplines.

I like the combination of tested techniques (examplars), the faculty ownership and the peer review (see their “Freeware ” page for an explantion of the process followed). Contributes to the resource base and contributes to scholarship activity….

Nice model that give me ideas….

(Uh – Oh)

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