Peer Review Tools Bibliography

Working my way through a number of “draft” items in my weblog. I found an article (about a year ago) that outlines the charactersitics of peer review software. This report is included in the University of Michigan’s University Library Scholarly Publishing Office website, authored by Kam Shapiro:

Bibliography and Summary: Electronic Peer Review Management

I’m not sure what the date on this report is… However, the information is still quite useful…

The office itself looks quite interesting, described in their own words below. The latest info on the web site seems to be from 2002, so I am not sure if the office is still in place.

The University Library’s new Scholarly Publishing Office (SPO) has tools and methods for the electronic publication and distribution of scholarly content. The office supports the traditional constructs of journal and monographic publication in an online environment, as well as publishing scholarly work expressly designed for electronic delivery. SPO also monitors campus concerns and questions concerning electronic publication and dissemination of scholarship and works to address those concerns, both through appropriate venues for discussion and in building services.

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