Learner Support Document – BLA miniguide

Got this link from Darren Cannell:

10 steps to develop learner support – a guideline through the key issues.

The document provides a succinct overview of Learner Support, and how one might go about the process of re-examiing this type of support in organizations. The guide is intended to be cross-sectoral – its a product of the British Learning Association.

Going through this brings home what our Distance Education Learner Support Manager has emphasized… “Learner support is a function, not a person“.

This review is timely for me… we’re doing quite a bit of analysis and planning around these functions now. One of the more exciting initiatives is a student-driven one that I’l blog about some more at another time.

Combine this BLA guide with the resources from the WCET, and there is a lot of really good work available online as examples for institutions.

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